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A first look at Apple's new Augmented Reality features

Apple’s WWDC event is greatly anticipated in the Apple developers community every year. When it comes to the augmented reality world, we only got a quick glimpse of what is new in yesterday’s keynotes. Here is an overview of what we know so far, with more details to unravel this...

3D model presentation in games (props)

Props are items that can interact with players in the game and have a certain influence on the attributes of the game characters. There are two important criteria for judging whether an item is a prop:

Women who code connect digital - 2020

In June 2020, WomenWhoCode hosted a 3 days event for the women involved in the tech World. This is the 5th edition and the first time they did it completely virtually. And kudos for them that they managed to make it free of charge for everyone. As expected, the content...

LLDB summary

LLDB,Low Level Debugger, is a lightweight, high-performance debugger that is built into Xcode by default. Being able to use it well will make our development more efficient with less effort. We often use LLDB’s po / breakpoint in development, you can get a lot done with only those two tools....

Flutter size limit container summary

Flutter’s size-restricted container components include ConstrainedBox, UnconstrainedBox, SizedBox, AspectRatio, FractionallySizedBox, LimitedBox, and Container. These components can constrain the size of sub-components, one by one introduced below.

Tagging feedback messages using Deep Learning

At Nodes we use Deep Learning to classify thousands of user-generated feedback messages across our digital solutions. We do this to create actionable insights for our clients, giving them a way to decipher large amounts of data that otherwise would be very expensive to manually label.

iOS Conferences in time of Coronavirus

I’m a big fan of conferences. And not necessarily for the sessions, which are usually recorded and available online afterwards. But more for meeting other people who do the same thing as I do. For that huge amount of creative energy you get afterwards. For the chance of meeting your...

Mini Programs Introduction

WeChat Mini Programs are a new way of connecting users and services. It‘s a new development capability that developers can learn quickly.

Differences Between Mini Program Development and Web Development

Web development is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, where HTML describes the structure of the page, CSS determines the appearance of the page, and JS defines the interaction between the page and the user.