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Android Unit Testing is Easy

The reason I am writing this article is because it was very hard for me to find some unit testing materials on Android Components. I hope I can fill the gap. Let’s talk about unit testing for a bit. I am not going to explain what unit testing is in...

What's new in Swift

This year’s “What’s new in Swift” included a plethora of improvements and new add-ons. Some of the news are: better diagnostic compiler error’s and hence better debugging improved and faster code completion improved auto indentation improved integration improved handling of chained method calls and property accesses A standardized way to...

Privacy for Photos Access

Apple always takes care of Privacy. Prior to iOS 14, for accessing photos, users were prompted with two options Don’t Allow and OK. To use a feature that actually only required limited access, users still had to expose their entire photo library. This year Apple introduced new tools that give...


Every year Apple’s WWDC event is a highlight in the Apple developer community, and this year was no different. Because of COVID-19 the event had to take on a new form and move out of Cupertino and into the virtual world. The week was kicked off with the highly anticipated...

Introducing App Clips

Apple introduced a new feature called app clips at this year’s WWDC. It is coming to iOS 14 this fall. App clips offer a promising new way for businesses to increase the discoverability of their apps and services while at the same time eliminating the need to install a full...

MBT (Model-based testing)

Model-based testing (MBT) is a technology that is sometimes advertised as “automated test design”.

A first look at Apple's new Augmented Reality features

Apple’s WWDC event is greatly anticipated in the Apple developers community every year. When it comes to the augmented reality world, we only got a quick glimpse of what is new in yesterday’s keynotes. Here is an overview of what we know so far, with more details to unravel this...

3D model presentation in games (props)

Props are items that can interact with players in the game and have a certain influence on the attributes of the game characters. There are two important criteria for judging whether an item is a prop:

Women who code connect digital - 2020

In June 2020, WomenWhoCode hosted a 3 days event for the women involved in the tech World. This is the 5th edition and the first time they did it completely virtually. And kudos for them that they managed to make it free of charge for everyone. As expected, the content...