Go Docker

Let’s say you are starting a new project. You have selected the language to be Go and the database Mongodb. You already have both set up in your computer be it a Mac or a Windows or a Linux machine. However, you had installed the tools a long time ago...

Deploying Node.js apps in Amazon Linux with pm2

Running a Node.js application can be as trivial as node index.js, but running it in production and keeping it running are completely different. Whenever the application crashes or the server reboots unexpectedly, we want the application to come back alive.

JWT auth in Go

Authentication is the most fundamental building block of any application. Whenever we start building a new app, we consider how users authenticate in the very beginning. In the olden days, we used to implement session based authentication and transmitted the data using cookies. We had to store the session data...

Composition over Inheritance

You are tasked with building an application that deals with cars. You are off designing the classes for cars unaware of the looming dangers of inheritance.