Make apps for everyone

The human brain tends to assume that everybody else thinks and behaves in a similar way to it. So every person tends to think that, based on certain categories, they’re part of a majority, that there are many others like them. As software developers, it’s very easy to assume that...

iOS Conferences in time of Coronavirus

I’m a big fan of conferences. And not necessarily for the sessions, which are usually recorded and available online afterwards. But more for meeting other people who do the same thing as I do. For that huge amount of creative energy you get afterwards. For the chance of meeting your...

What this WWDC means for us

WWDC 2017 happened at the beginning of June in San Jose, California, and Apple presented lots of exciting changes. We already covered in this article the most important iOS additions from a user’s perspective, but what exactly did WWDC 2017 bring for an iOS developer? Continuing the trend from the...

Haptic Feedback makes you vibrate!

The iPhone could vibrate ever since it was launched. And so did almost all the other phones, even from before smartphones were a thing. But Apple took this function further than anyone else, by introducing the Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch, and afterwards in many other products, like the...

Serpent - more than just another JSON mapping framework

At Nodes, we develop apps that rely a lot on complex REST APIs. The iOS team needed a fast and fully featured JSON mapping framework.

Understanding code signing for iOS apps

If you’re an iOS developer, most likely you’ve had to deal with code signing. And if you’re a junior iOS developer, you might’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in the “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” section of the developer portal.

Insights from NSSpain

We’ve recently attended NSSpain, a developer conference focusing mostly on iOS. This was our experience, in three different perspectives.