In WWDC20, Apple introduced App Widgets to the home screen for multiple platforms(iOS, iPadOS, macOS). With WidgetKit, you can see the most important information from your app by putting widgets on your Home screen or Notification Center.

Privacy for Photos Access

Apple always takes care of Privacy. Prior to iOS 14, for accessing photos, users were prompted with two options Don’t Allow and OK. To use a feature that actually only required limited access, users still had to expose their entire photo library. This year Apple introduced new tools that give...


Every year Apple’s WWDC event is a highlight in the Apple developer community, and this year was no different. Because of COVID-19 the event had to take on a new form and move out of Cupertino and into the virtual world. The week was kicked off with the highly anticipated...

Things iOS Developers should know before starting Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that allows us to create iOS and Android apps using a single programming language called Dart, which was released by Google itself.

European Women In Technology 2019

European Women In Technology 2019 European Women in Technology is the largest conference by women for women in the industry in Europe. It was two days in Amsterdam filled with talks, workshops, mentoring opportunities and networking. With 7 tracks and 6 workshops in parallel during most of the days garnished...


SwiftGen is a tool to auto-generate Swift code for resources of your projects, to make them type-safe. You can organize and manage your resources by using auto-generated swift code.

Github And Jira Integration

Thousands of organizations around the world use GitHub and Jira together to manage software projects. With your GitHub account linked to Jira, it gives your team the ability to see branches, commit messages, and pull request in the Jira tickets they’re working on. On the GitHub side, you can view...